Live from Mae Hong Son on Chinese New Year!

Live from Mae Hong Son on Chinese New Year


Here I sit, in a super cute cafe in Mae Hong Son, Thailand, where the menus and lamp shades say “Life is Experiment,” and a used copy of Eat, Pray, Love sits on the table next to me. This scene really seems to capture the essence of my life and how I feel right now.


Cafe in Mae Hong Son, Thailand
“Life is Experiment” on a lamp shade in a cafe in Mae Hong Son, Thailand on Chinese New Year

I spent the last two days gazing on the magical lake of Ban Rak Thai, a remote Chinese village on the northern border of Thailand, just next to Myanmar, and not far from Mae Hong Son. Although I had a complete meltdown there and subsequently climbed my way back out of it (more on that another time), I am now blissfully sitting in this cafe, sipping my fourth Spicy Ginger juice drink. Man, these things are addictive!

Today is a Good Day

I’m on an awesome 16-day vacation in Thailand with my good friend, Andrea, and we’re a little over halfway through our 10-day scooter trip where we’re driving the northern part of the Mae Hong Son loop for the second time in a year. To make it even better, tonight is the eve of Chinese New Year, and to put the proverbial cherry on top, I am officially launching my new blog, 101 Colored Doors!

Sunrise by the lake in Ban Rak Thai, Thailand, near Mae Hong Son, along the famous Mae Hong Son Loop
Sunrise breakfast by the lake in Ban Rak Thai, Thailand – this place can’t be real!

Entering the Blogging World

I don’t know if I could possibly be happier or more excited right now. Well, in a little bit I’ll be sitting beside another beautiful lake with a spectacular night view of a temple with a Chang beer in my hand, so I guess that could top it. But really, I have been working toward this moment (with the invaluable help of Andrea and my AWESOME web designer, Piotr – thank you so much, you two!) for the last 3 1/2 months, and probably even the last several years. It feels really good right now to finally be able to hit “Publish” as I eagerly introduce what I consider to be a major door that I just walked through into the blogging world.

I hope you enjoy and get as much value out of this blog as I will enjoy giving it my all. I am open, I’m honest, sometimes I’m outright raw, and I’m always here for you. Ask questions, start discussions, interact, support each other, allow me to support you, and above all, let’s make this the place to go for encouragement, motivation and empowerment to step out of your comfort zone and try something new.

It’s Chinese New Year’s eve, and as the Year of the Ram comes to an end and the Year of the Monkey begins, let’s make this a new year with a new start. You still have time to get on those January resolutions, too! So why wait? Try something new. I’m so happy I did and that I can share it with you this very day! 101 Colored Doors is now LIVE!

Now for that Chang beer… it’s 5:00 somewhere, as Andrea would say.

Signing off… Happy Chinese New Year!


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