You’re Ready to Start Now

Daily Door for August 9 - You're Ready to Start Now - Quote: Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can. - Arthur Ashe


Sometimes we feel like we have to be in a certain place or at a certain level to start something. We have this fear that we’re not ready yet or that we haven’t learned or experienced enough to really be a help to others. However, the truth is, you already have everything you need, and you are ready to start now.


Being an Expert

When people start new endeavors, it’s common to hear things like, “You need to be an expert in that area,” or “It’s important to show your expertise in this topic.” Has anyone ever told you that? Is this something you have told yourself or others?

Of course, it’s important to know what you are talking about and to have experience in a field or topic. However, for many of us, we want to help others, but we hesitate because we think we can’t make a difference until we know more, learn more or go through more. We don’t even start down a path because we feel inadequate in what we have to offer.


You Can Start Now

Don’t worry so much! Learning comes from doing, so why not start now by doing something, anything, to make steps toward your dream or goal and continue learning and growing along the way?

Do you want to start a blog? Start writing what you already know. Are you planning to write a book? Start now with the ideas and experience you already have. Do you hope to start a business or a non-profit? Do what you can with what you have and start now, in whatever small way you can.


Action Item

What is it that you want to start? Are you afraid that you don’t yet know enough or have enough experience to get started? Do you feel inadequate or under-confident about what you can offer to others?

Write down your dream or goal, and then list out all the things you feel you need to know or learn in order to do it. Then, next to that list, make another list of your own experiences that you already have that give you knowledge or experience with this goal.

Now, compare the lists to see what kind of gap there is and make a plan. The first part of the plan is what you can do to start now in pursuing the goal or building the dream. The second part of the plan is what you can do concurrently to start learning more and gaining more experience.

Perhaps you want to write a book, so step one is to start writing (or at least planning/outlining it), and step two is to also start reading other books that teach effective writing techniques. You can do both. The point is, start now with what you already have and what you already know. You are already ready.



Say the following affirmation at least once a day, and make it your mantra until you feel like you’ve really embraced it and can feel a change.

“I already have everything that I need to start now. I am adequate, and what I have to offer is valuable.”


Please share your own dreams or goals that you would like to start now. Is there any feeling of inadequacy that’s holding you back? Let’s all help each other on our journeys by motivating and supporting each other.


Keep having the courage to walk through those doors, and have an awesome day!

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