All That You Can Do

Daily Door for August 10 - All That You Can Do - Quote: "Can you imagine what I would do if I could do all I can?" - Sun Tzu


What would you do if you were able to do all that you can? Are you even aware yet of all that you can do? Can you imagine it?


All That You Can Do

I was talking with one of my students the other day, and we were discussing different management styles. As we were talking, he told me a quote that one of his former managers used to always say, “People don’t know that they can do what they can do.”

This really struck me. It reminded me of the quote by Sun Tzu, but it also made me think. Are we really aware of all that we can do? As we continued talking, we discussed how people are often surprised when they discover what they are capable of doing. It’s like we are blind to our own potential until we somehow discover it within ourselves.


Can You Imagine Your Potential?

Have you ever wondered what you are capable of doing or achieving? Do you have dreams and goals that push you, that maybe even scare you because they’re so big? Do you know deep in your heart that you want to pursue something, but you are afraid you might fail or that you’re not capable of such a feat?

Instead of worrying about the limitations and fearing that you’re inadequate, put those thoughts aside and just try. Move forward toward your goal or dream anyway. Take steps to go as far as you can in achieving it. What often happens when you do that is that you surprise yourself with how far you can go.


Action Item

Write down a goal or dream you have that intimidates you. Then imagine how far you think you could go if you started taking steps toward it. Can you imagine achieving it, or do you imagine failing at some point before the finish line? No matter which it is, just imagine how far you think you can go.

Then, write down the steps you would need to take to get yourself to the point you imagined and decide what action you can take now.

Interestingly, once you start moving toward your goal, the things you learn and the experience you gain along the way, actually propel you past the point you thought you would fail. It’s almost impossible to imagine before you begin, but once you get moving, your momentum and accumulated growth just from trying are the very things you need to succeed. So without even starting or making any attempt at all, you are failing, but by simply taking that first step forward, you are already on track to achieving more than you thought possible.



“I courageously take the first step toward (your dream or goal), and I am excited to see how far I can go.”


Please share your own dream or goal that feels too big or impossible for you to achieve. How far can you imagine going with it, and what steps could you start today? Let’s all help each other on our journeys by motivating and supporting each other.


Keep having the courage to walk through those doors, and have an awesome day!

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