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Daily Door for August 12 - Choose Your Own Adventure - Quote: "One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure." - William Feather


When I was a kid, I used to read Choose Your Own Adventure books. I loved them, because you had options. You didn’t have to simply follow one plot line and arrive at a pre-written ending. Instead, you could make decisions at various points throughout the story that would affect the outcome of the character.


Real-Life Choose Your Own Adventure Story

The cool part about life is that it IS a Choose Your Own Adventure story. Every day, and at every turn, you get to make decisions and then see what the results and outcomes will be. Like the characters in a book, we don’t always choose wisely, and we don’t always like or enjoy the consequences of our choices.

However, unlike fictional entertainment, the ability to choose your own adventure in real life allows you to fully experience your life and be an active participant in it. You’re right there as your story unfolds, and if you don’t like the outcome of one decision, you can make another one and another one. You can choose to move forward, choose to try something again until you succeed, or choose to sit back and enjoy the moment.


The Adventure is Yours To Create

It’s all up to you. What do you want to make of your life? What adventure do you want to have? Even the smallest decisions are active choices in this adventure called life. Every decision leads to an outcome and another opportunity to make another choice. You also have a choice whether to even play. Do you want to be the one calling the shots in your story, or do you want to let outside factors and circumstances determine your plot?


Action Item

Think about the areas of your life, the things you have going on, all the stuff you’re involved in or committed to, and the things you want to do. What areas are you actively choosing your own adventure, and what areas are you like the character in the book, at the mercy of whose ever hands the book is in?

Ask yourself if you’re happy with how much you are actively making your own decisions, and identify areas where you feel you need to play a more active role. Then decide how you’re going to do make it happen. All of this is about choices. All of the choices are yours. It’s your life, your story. So you should be the one to choose your own adventure.



“My life is my own adventure. I make the decisions for all areas of my life.”


Please share your own experience. Are you taking control of the decisions in your life and allowing yourself to experience the results and outcomes? If not, what is keeping you from doing that? Let’s all help each other on our journeys by motivating and supporting each other.


Keep having the courage to walk through those doors, and have an awesome day!

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